Testi Canzoni di Natale in inglese

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Natale arriva e noi cantiamo o almeno ci proviamo visto che la pronuncia in inglese è ancora stentata. Magari per il nuovo anno ci regaleremo un corso che ci aiuti con questa lingua, ma intanto via con il magico mondo delle sette note:

A different kind of Christmas

The lights around the Christmas tree don’t burn as bright
And all around the world it isn’t a silent night
Outside I hear the voices sing the sweetest sounds of caroling
But somehow there’s a sadness in the song
In our hearts we know that something’s wrong

It’s a different kind of Christmas
In a different kind of world
Even though it looks the same

Everything has changed
It’s a different kind of Christmas

Children opening gifts with wonder and surprise
I wish that I could still see through such innocent eyes
I used to feel so safe inside I had a place to run and hide
In my daddy’s arms I felt secure
No one can protect us anymore


Everything has changed
It’s a different kind of Christmas

Sending cards that talk of peace and love and cheer
Oh that’s what we need if we’d only believe
It would be!


Everything has changed
It’s a different kind of Christmas


A great and mighty wonder 

A great and mighty wonder
Our Christmas festal brings:
On earth a lowly infant,
Behold the King of kings!

The Word is made incarnate,
Descending from on high;
And cherubim sing anthems
To shepherds from the sky.

And we with them, triumphant,
Repeat the hymn again:
“To God on high be glory,
And peace on earth to men!”

While thus they sing your Monarch,
Those bright angelic bands,
Rejoice, ye vales and mountains!
Ye oceans, clap your hands!

Since all He comes to ransom,
By all be He adored;
The Infant born in Bethlehem,
The Savior and the Lord!

And idol forms shall perish,
And error shall decay,
And Christ shall wield His scepter,
Our Lord and God for aye



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